Speciality store in Stafford serving boba tea and rolled ice cream.

Artisan Made

Ice Cream and Boba Tea, Y'all

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Our mission

Making artisan boba milk tea with a twist here and there. We aren't afraid of testing new drinks or branching off to other parts of the world for great recipes. Whether we venture to Central America sampling various styles of horchata, abundance of chai aroma, or east Asian liquids, we will be sure to give you a bobaful.



Everyday open at 11am
Sun - Thu closes at 9pm
Fri - Sat closes at 10pm

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A Simple Menu


Drinks - 3.75


Milk Tea
black tea, whole milk, condensed milk; optional: non-dairy creamer or almond milk

evaporated milk, condensed milk, rice, cinnamon, water; optional: almond milk

Thai Iced Tea
thai tea leaves, milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk; optional: non-dairy creamer or almond milk

Strawberry Lemonade
lemons, strawberry; optional: green tea

Mi Amor
passion fruit, rose, green tea

Berry Good
raspberry, blueberry, green tea

Lychee Keen
lychee, peach, green tea

Sweet Vibes
pineapple, mango, green tea

Matcha Green Tea Slush
matcha green tea, ice, milk; optional: non-dairy creamer or almond milk

Taro Slush
taro, ice, milk; optional: non-dairy creamer or almond milk


Tres Leches
condensed milk, evaporated milk, nilla wafers

Rolled Up Thai Tea
thai tea, condensed milk, nilla wafers

Milk and Cookies
crushed oreos

Strawberry Fun

Cinnamon Roll
cinnamon, vanilla, nilla wafers

Monkey King
banana, nutella, pocky sticks

Berry Good
raspberry, blueberry



4.38 out of 5 Stars   |   Based on 50 Reviews

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Leigh Gonzales 

5 Stars

Tried the boba and rolled ice cream, both delicious!!

Terry W. Thompson

5 Stars

Great service and delicious ice cream. Definitely coming back for the bubble tea.

Michielle Henderson 

3 Stars

I really want to like this place but now after my second visit, I can only give it a 3 based on my daughter liking her rolled strawberry ice cream. As for the tea it was practically room temp, no ice came with it (maybe its suppose to be like that?) Then they are still limited on their menu options, half the menu items were covered because of unavailability. In addition, which may be a small thing, the straws are not long enough for the cups with the lid on them. Kind of defeats the purpose of a to-go cup. Maybe after being open for like 6 months, it'll come together for them.

Came in tonight for some ice cream for my little guy, it was busy but drinks and ice cream came out in a timely manner and tasted delicious! The new cup seals are great!

Cait Ferguson

5 Stars