We may be small, but we pack a punch. At Koi Tea, we want to connect our love of boba and the people in our community by serving up mixes of different drinks from all the green and blue globe. Rather than serving traditional boba tea flavors, we seek to demonstrate to our community that boba culture can fit into other drinks and a bit of remixing classics. 

Boba, or called Bubble tea in other parts of the world, isn't just "Asian"; it's a foodie culture. Last thing, we aren't a franchise; we're a small business.


Our Values

  • We are one team.
  • Give customers the attention and commitment they deserve.
  • Demonstrate respect for fellow humans and those from other walks of life.
  • Strive to minimize the negative impact on our environment.
  • Optimize for food production that are sustainable, eco-friendly, fair, and safe.
  • Authenticity and integrity are in our process and products with the addition of constant improvements.