— A Simple Menu For a Simple Place—


  • If you're not familiar with boba, watch this video from Buzzfeed called People Try Boba For The First Time to get an idea for the goodness you'll find.

  • We have default sweetener settings for our drinks, but you're more than welcome to adjust while ordering. Simply ask the cashier our sweetener levels, and they'll help you out.

  • You can order from our secret menu located in Stories. As these are part of our secret menu, please inform the cashier of how your order should be made as these are not regular items and break from the operational flow. If you're feeling creative, feel free to make something up yourself. Drinks are easier for us to make up on the spot; however, ice cream could be a bit more difficult depending on the ingredients. Disclaimer: all custom orders and secret menu items are final, and cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Some of our ice cream may come into contact with hazelnut as Nutella contains this ingredient. If anyone in your party has a negative reaction to hazelnuts, strawberries, or other food allergies, please notify the cashier and we will do our best to sanitize the ice cream pan.