Stuff We Rolled Out - November 2018 Edition

Koi Tea Product Launch.png

Wow, another month has passed since we last posted. And guess what? We been opened for 6 months! Only 6 more months until our birthday.

Now the celebration is outta the way, here’s what we been cooking up in our spot:

  • Hot Drinks! We finally got our hot drinks up and running. Practically all of our milk based drinks can be turned hot.

  • Speaking of hot drinks, we got our own hot chocolate called Coco de Koi. Containing cocoa, cinnamon, and milk, this little bundle of joy will soothe the cold away.

  • On the ice cream front, we got Old Fashion and Garrisonville Road.

    • Old Fashion is basically strawberries and bananas with chocolate on top.

    • Garrisonville Road was inspired by rocky road ice cream and named after one of the main pavements in Stafford and our location. Filled with brownie mix, marshmallow, and topped with more marshmallow.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things we will be rolling out soon-ish:

  • Another new menu design coming up.

  • Opportunities to join our boba gang.

Is there something you really want to see happen at our store? Comment below and we’ll add it to our product roadmap.