7 Interesting Things About Bubble Tea


Have you already jumped on the bubble tea craze? It seems like everywhere you go, people are taking a sip of their favorite pearl milk tea. This drink is perfect for any weather, making it the go-to beverage for countless folks regardless of the season. But how much do you know about it? If you know nothing about what you’re drinking, then read on to learn some interesting facts about bubble tea.


1) It comes in many names

Depending on where you live and what store you buy from, your beverage may be called differently. In Taiwan where it originated, it was fondly referred to as boba tea. But in different places, people talk about boba tea as tapioca tea, pearl tea, zhen zhou nai cha, pearl shake, black pearl tea, momi milk tea, and many more.


2) Bubble doesn’t refer to the pearls

Many people think that the term bubble refers to the pearls or the tapioca balls found in practically all boba tea. The truth, however, is that it describes the foamy bubbles that form when you shake the drink.


3) It dates back to the 1980s

Boba tea is relatively new in the US, but in Taiwan, it has been around since the 1980s. Chun Shi Tang developed the drink in his teahouse. He and his product manager, Lin Hsui Hui, decided to add sweetened tapioca to iced tea. They did this after seeing the Japanese add milk to their coffee. This explains how the boba tea was born.


4) It’s all the rage these days.

Unless you’re living under a rock, then you probably know that milk tea has become the favorite beverage of everyone around you. Okay, that sounds like an exaggeration, but you get the point. After gaining popularity in Taiwan, the drink found its way to Southeast and East Asia. Recently, it has spread to the US and Canada.


5) McDonald’s had it on its menu

The giant fast-food chain realized the immense popularity of the beverage and decided to include it on their menu in more than 800 branches in Germany back in 2012. Let’s wait and see whether McDonald’s in America would try the same.


6) Boba comes from a root vegetable

Huge fan of boba? Then you may want to know that it’s made from a root vegetable. Starch is extracted from cassava root, which is then turned into the tapioca balls you’re familiar with.


7) Boba is boiled in hot water

Boiling boba in hot water sounds like a simple task. But do it wrong, and you could ruin the drink easily. You can tell that it’s undercooked with it’s hard. If it gets too mushy, you boiled it for too long. But if it has the same consistency as a gummy bear, then you have the perfect boba.

Now, you have some interesting things to tell your other bubble tea drinking friends. Keep sharing these facts and your love for boba tea! If you want to try out our boba tea shop in Stafford!

Brandon Luong