Boba Milk Tea Basic History


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What’s with all the rage about bubble tea? Do you see milk tea franchises everywhere you go? It seems that you can buy this beverage at every corner nowadays. This drink originated from Taiwan, which probably explains why the queue you see in milk tea stores is full of Asians. But make no mistake; this beverage has captivated the hearts of foreigners as well. So, what makes bubble tea uber popular?



It’s interesting to learn a bit about pearl milk tea, also fondly called boba. The drink may seem relatively new, but it actually dates back to the 1980s. Lin Hsiu Hui and Liu Han-Chieh receive the credit for developing boba tea. After witnessing how the Japanese would add milk to their cup of coffee, Lin Han-Chieh came up with the idea of creating a milk tea. Little did he know that his creation would skyrocket his teahouse’s popularity.

Lin Hsui Hui worked as the product manager at the teahouse during that period. To make the tea even better, he tried adding pearls. Since then, tapioca balls have become a primary ingredient of boba tea. The popularity of the beverage has eventually spread to neighboring countries in East and South East Asian. And today, it has become a favorite in the US and Canada as well.


Why Do People Love It?

  1. Unique and refreshing taste
    The boba tea is known for being sweet. The tapioca balls, meanwhile, provide a unique texture, providing drinkers a break from the consistency of the tea itself. Most stores allow customers to pick how sweet their tea would be. This means that you can always have a beverage that suits your preference.
  2. Large variety of flavors
    It’s hard to get tired of drinking pearl milk tea. The primary reason for this is that it comes in many different flavors. Some of the most popular ones include lychee, passion fruit, taro, matcha, and guava. Take note, however, that you also have different choices when it comes to what toppings you want for your tea. Of course, the most popular is jelly, but you could opt for chia seeds, aloe vera, and cream as well. You can mix and match all you want until you find what flavor and combination you like best.
  3. Distinctive appeal
    Boba tea simply comes with this distinctive appeal that’s hard to resist. A big reason for this is that most stores do an excellent job of ensuring how beautiful their products look like. Many fans of milk tea couldn’t help but post pictures on Instagram while taking a sip of their milk tea. Each store tries to offer something new like putting the tea inside bulb-shaped glasses and creating beautiful colors you cannot find in any other beverage.

By now, you should have a better idea why everyone seems to be drinking bubble tea. It seems safe to say that it isn’t just a trend. With more and more franchises serving pearl milk tea, it appears that it is here to stay. If you're looking to try bubble tea, please visit our boba tea shop in Stafford! 

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